News Updates

Welcome to Overseas-Pharma. We are a new company that will provide you with the best possible service and most reasonable priced pharmaceuticals on the market. We strive for excellence to meet your needs and our motto is, “Where Quality Service Comes First.” Our goal is to provide you with lower priced generic pharmaceuticals so you can pass the savings onto your customers. We know the importance of affordable health care and know that in the real world in some cases people just don’t have adequate health care insurance. Overseas-Pharma is there to help, we can provide you with the same generic drug at a savings of up to 40% in some cases. We use only quality manufactures and believe in providing you with the assurance and peace of mind to know that our company stands behind every pharmaceutical we sell. success as a generic pharmaceutical distributor is built on high quality, low prices and outstanding customer service. This commitment spells higher satisfaction, savings and profits for the independent pharmacies we serve as well as rapid growth for us.

Overseas-Pharma carries a complete line of generic pharmaceuticals and thousands of customers know our commitment to value and service. As the popularity of generics continues to grow, that commitment lights our path, as a team, to continued success